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Please read before buying a good shears must have fullest info of shears, as cutting scissors has different names e.g. hair dressing scissor, pet grooming shears, hair thinner scissors, barber scissors manicure scissors etc. The same way a shears have different features & feature of the shears-scissors are most important for buyer who to buy a good shears. Mostly features of shears are below.


Blade shape: There are two types of shapes in blades, these are:
Convex blades: This blade is shaped and rounded from the outside of the scissors blade up to the edge.
Beveled blades: This is a straight plain / flat blade.


Sharpness Edges:

Convex Edge
This does not have a visible separate edge. This is a new technique in scissors edges and has a long lasting sharp cutting effect. This helps for a effortless cutting and for long period of time.

Razor Edge
This edge is done for scissors with convex shape blade. A separate edge is crafted at the end of this convex shaped blade.

Beveled Edge
This is a regular form of edge which was initially introduced. This has a slight creaking sound (two blades meet) as this is a nature of metal. Never-the less this is still considered as a very successful type of blade. This edge has an ability to cut any form of hair and this edge is heavier / thicker than other edges.


Crane handles
This handle has two different handle sizes. Where the middle finger fits in the hole, this handle is slightly longer compared to the handle where the thumb is inserted. This is modern design offers the most benefits this design relieves stress on both the shoulder and wrist for hairdressers

Offset handle
these are more or less similar to the crane handle the only difference is that the length size of the handles is slightly less difference in length. This design allows you to cut with a more open hand, however, it is still necessary to elevate your elbow.

Standard handle
This type of handles lengths of the both are the same and therefore called standard handle or opposing handles. This is an oldest design still good and famous for hair stylists who cut with the middle finger and thumb.


Screw systems

Adjustable Tension Screw System
This screw can be adjusted in seconds by hand during the cutting hair.

Rivet / Riveted screw Systems
This type of screw can be adjusted with a small coin or with screwdriver

Premium screw Systems
This type of screw set can be adjusted with special coin/screwdrivers for adjustment. (The screw driver will come with each shears)

Spring Tension System and ball bearing scissors
This screw system offers more than just convenience it actually extends the life of the shear by stabilizing the blade over a wider area. Also this screw can be adjusted by hand or by special screw driver


Finger rests

Removable Finger Rests
These can be removed by hand or by the screwdriver according to need. That these finger rests are screwed to the handle

Permanent Finger Rests
This can not be removed or detached. These can only be removed by cutting them off. Because these finger rest are in one form with the scissors and are shaped when the first stage of scissors forging is done.


Two piece wielded Shears
This shears is two pieces welded by latest technology the handle made from the AISI--410 steel and the blades made from 440C stainless steel. By this technology the Shears can be save during the re-sharpening & during adjustment. As 440C stainless steel shears cannot be adjusted due to very hard steel broken during adjustment by hammer. Due to the flexibility of handle, scissors adjustment is easy and clients like it very much.

TC scissors
This shears have extra strip made from materials like tungsten carbide or cobalt, which is welded on the cutting edges. These shears provide far longer cutting performance.

Scissors Accessories

Scissors bumpers
A bumper sometimes called stopper or silencer, quiets the scissors by keeping the handles from metal to metal contacts. It also softens the feel of the cut.

Finger Rings inserts
The finger rings inserts sometime calls removable finger rings, the rings used for sizing scissors ring holes.
Scissors Measurement
All Unify Scissors Measured of length from the tip to the finger hole and not included the finger rests.
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